George W. Bush Deploys 300 Spartans to Baghdad

(Washington D.C. : Ucs News) As part of the controversial troop surge President Bush has commanded the Pentagon to deploy 300 of the finest Spartan warriors to Bagdad. The President if confident the 300 Spartans can make a difference in the war torn Iraqi capital.

According to the President’s staff, Mr. Bush was impressed with how the Spartans fought in the Battle of Thermopylae. With their proven success in fighting Persians The President wants the Greeks to help US troops “turn the corner” in Bagdad.

The Spartans should feel at home in the Iraqi capital, vastly outnumbered, surrounded and engaged in near futile effort. The hope is the Greeks can block the Persians for three days along the airport road leading to the green zone.

The Spartan commander Leonidas, stated “We are looking forward to defending the Airport road against the Persians but I think President Bush should be working toward for a political solution.”