George W. Bush Drops A Bomb On Los Angeles

February 10, 2006

United States President George W. Bush, apparently stung by criticism over his Warrentless Massive Domestic Spying Program, has released details of a foiled al Qaeda plot to use yet another suicide hijacker to destroy yet another American high rise building, this one in Los Angeles, California. The Library Tower, which Mr. Bush called the Liberty Tower, was apparently saved not when an illegal wiretap uncovered the plot, but when an unnamed Southeast Asian country discovered it and arrested the participants. This did not stop the President from using it as a justification for his own dubious policies.

According to Mr. Bush, terrorists planned to hijack a large alien spaceship, position it directly over the top of the Library Tower for a day or two and once hundreds of people gathered there for a welcoming party, blow the place to smithereens, sometime in the early part of July. The plot was abandoned when the Administration, with the help of Hollywood director Roland Emmerich, convinced the terrorists that the building had already been destroyed, along with the White House and most of New York City, London, Moscow and Billings, Montana.

With the public’s approval of Mr. Bush at an all time low for anything from his handling of domestic policies of gutting Social Security and Medicaid in order to reduce taxes for the richest Americans to bogging the countries military forces in a pointless war for spurious reasons. the President is grasping at any straw to show a skeptical electorate that he and his Administration are relevant. As of this reporting, the public isn’t buying it.

Oddly, despite the need to keep the country safe, the public remains divided about Warrentless Mass Domestic Spying (WMDS). On the one hand they recognize the need for extreme measures in an attempt to foil plots such as the Library Tower. On the other hand, almost no one trusts the Bush White House to be the ones to decide what those measures should be. The Administration of President Bush is too deeply mired in allegations and examples of petty political revenge and the false defamation of it’s enemies to ever be regarded as a trustworthy steward of Americans civil liberties. Apparently, when a man who writes a book critical of the President ends up on the government no-fly list and war hero’s such as Max Cleland and John Kerry’s service to their country are publicly degraded as cowards by men with dozens of military service deferments between them, when the mother of a dead soldier is dismissed as a tool of the Liberal Left, not to mention a CIA agent gets treasonously named for her husbands valid disagreement with the Administrations reasons to rush to war, public confidence tends to wither.

Depressingly, the public can expect to hear more and more from Mr. Bush in the coming weeks and months leading to the midterm elections about how tough, dedicated and strong he is. It promises to be a long summer.