George W. Bush Emboldened by rotten poll numbers

(Washington , Ucs News) The Lewis Libby case proves that George W. Bush just doesn’t give a darn what the nation thinks. While public opinion rests firmly on the side of law and order our President serves the political corruption his own administration created.

To the President the Libby pardon is just another pair of cement shoes in his closet. With his ratings mired at 25% Mr Bush has no fear of it getting much worse. According to White House polling George W. Bush is now down to the bed rock 25% of the nation that can’t see he’s an incompetent, criminal baboon.

The Presidents 25% base is the solid foundation he needs to launch other unpopular projects. Fresh off the collapse of his immigration bill and the unpopular Libby Pardon the President is now looking for other failures to achieve.