George W. Bush : "hazy memories" led me into Iraq War

(WASHINGTON, Ucs News) – With the war in Iraq about to enter its fifth year amid signs of deepening global disenchantment, top officials of the Bush administration officials today blamed the initial invasion on “hazy memories”. The same officials expressed cautious hopes and growing confidence in the Iraqi government, and called on the Democrats help them remember why we attacked Iraq in the first palce.

Stephen J. Hadley, the befuddled national security adviser, also confirmed that President Bush’s troop increase for Iraq was 21,500 or maybe 30,000. He can’t really remember. But he said Gen. David H. Petraeus, the top American military commander in Iraq, had requested 45 or was it 45,000 more troops.

Both Mr. Hadley and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates expressed cautious hopes that the new Baghdad security plan would bear fruit, partly because the Iraqi government and army seemed to be adequately cooperating.

“Here at the very beginning,” Mr. Gates said, “the commitments that have been made seem to be being met.” But he said on the CBS News program “Face the Nation” that it would probably be the summer of 2010 before it was clear whether the buildup had produced the desired results.