George W. Bush: His Upcoming '06 Mid Term Tour and Career Reviewed

United States President George W. Bush gave a rare White House Comedy Club appearance this week, which he calls “Press Conferences” where he tried out the new stand up material he planned to use on his upcoming “06 Mid Term Tour” for the assembled reporters, critics and reviewers. Faced with flagging ticket sales for his previous shows, Mr. Bush knows that this preview gig was his make or break comeback performance and he was determined to make the most of it, ad-libbing and interacting with his audience in a way that he hasn’t done since he was at the top his game several years ago. But was it enough to catapult him back to super stardom? Unconfirmed Sources has a review of the career of George W. Bush:

While he’s always been an inherently funny guy, even a joke, Mr. Bush’s biggest problem in recent years has really been a dearth of good material to work with. In addition to comedy career, Bush has also recorded several music albums. Back when he first hit the national scene in 2000 with his “It’s Your Money!” tour, George Bush, or ‘Dubya’ as he fashioned himself at the time in the style of rappers like Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog, Bush was the golden boy of Republican comedy and a consistant seller in the Christian music market. With his backup band, the “Neo Con Crew”, as his posse was known, Bush ‘s agents were able to get him on Star Search-Politics and secure a win and a coveted four year prize contract as President of the United States, but it was a near thing; while actually losing the audience vote, “Dubya” still pulled out a win with the Star Search-Politics judges help. The first several months of that reign were mediocre at best, but his $300.00 tax giveaway promotional gimmick certainly kept him in the public eye, even if it did nearly bankrupt his American Evangelical Records company.

But the events of 9/11/2001 marked a turning point in “Dubya’s” popularity. A new, edgier Bush and a name change (it was about this time he dropped the goofy sounding “Dubya” moniker and began calling himself just “W”. ) And for awhile it seemed to work. Public opinion soared and in November of that year he took Afghanistan by storm. Buoyed by that success, Bush then tried to repeat that triumph with his follow-up “Let’s Whack Iraq!” album and tour. But, as he’s since admitted, he may have over-reached himself with that one. While “Shock And Awe” did initially hit the charts, the second single from the album, “Mission Accomplished”, fell flat. “Stay The Course”, the third release, went nowhere.

Frustrated in his attempt to reach international stardom, “W.” turned to U.S. audiences with the release of the singles, “No Child Left Behind”, “The Social Security Gut” and “Stem Cell Killers”, all to mixed reviews. But in 2004 he was back on top with the album “I Talk To God”, a big seller on the Christian charts. Singles from that release, “Swift Boat Veterans For Truth”, “Soft On Terrorism”, the improbable novelty hit, “The Saddam-9/11 Connection Rag” as well as a re-working of “WMD’s Are Real” brought him a return to Star Search-Politics and an amazing second win, but his follow up release, “Political Capital” unfortunately fell short. Since then “W’s” career has been struggling.

Which brings us to this weeks preview. Will the upcoming “06 Mid Term Tour” and accompanying release, simply entitled, “FREEDOM” which features the tunes, “Middle East Romp”, “Maybe It Was Iran After All”, and the ballad, “If I Didn’t Think It Would Work, I’d Leave.” (which is really just a stale re-working of the flop “Stay The Course” ) bring the fans back to the “W.” fold? It’s hard to say. The American public is notoriously fickle, and if they feel like their musical tastes are being taken for granted, will start looking somewhere else for their entertainment, and this seems to be the case. “W.” has been having a hard time selling his latest release