George W. Bush honors the late Alan Quartermaine

(Ucs News : Port Charles) US President George W. Bush took time out from his busy schedule to honor the late Doctor Alan Quartermaine chief of staff at the Port Charles General Hospital. “The world has lost a great man of medicine and I have lost a dear friend.” said the President. Dr. Quartermaine is survived by his wife of 25 years.

Dr. Quartermaine joined the staff of General hospital in 1977. While he was well liked by the staff his tenure was beset by Infidelity, betrayal, aiding and abetting criminals, to name just a few of the skeletons in Alan Quartermaine’s closet.

While Alan may have a wild past, his biggest hope for the future was a happy and healthy life for his children. But how likely can that be when one daughter is in love with a mobster, another daughter in love with a Cassadine, and his son a powerful member of the mob.

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow stated, “Alan Quartermaine was a long time friend of both the President and First lady.” According to Snow the President has followed Quartermaine’s medical career and has spent many afternoons with the Staff of General Hospital. The Presidents critics complain he should have been working of foreign policy not watching the soaps.