George W. Bush Joins Cindy Sheehan to Protest Iraq War

Unconfirmed sources report that the President has come out of his Crawford spread and joined the protesters at Camp Casey. President Bush and Cindy Sheehan stood together before the media and spoke to the American people to voice their opposition to the Iraq war. The two had harsh words for the administration and vowed to work together to reverse the governments stance on Iraq and get the troops home.

“What he got here is a real cluster f&*k.” said the President. “Our government lied to the people and got us into a useless war while the mastermind of the 911 attacks is still free. We are wasting precious lives and untold billions of dollars on this shabby adventure and it needs to stop and stop now. Our current policies are radicalizing a new generation of terrorists and we still haven’t killed off the current one. This war is a big f*%king mess.”

“I couldn’t agree with the President more.” Says Cindy Sheehan, mother of the late Casey Sheehan who was killed in Iraq last year. “The current administration is a bunch of chicken hawks who never fought in a war and never had a plan to win this one. They are out of touch and refuse to see the error or their ways. I’m just glad the President sees it my way and is doing his best to undue the mistakes made by this administration in the past.”

The dynamic pair continued to throw barbs at the administration’s war policies until the President had to return to his ranch for an afternoon nap. Sheehan and her growing group of supporters sat down to an early dinner and made plans to the coming days.

“This was a gutsy move by the President.” Says Andrew Sullivan, who widely known as the oracle of the Republican Party. “The President is having his cake and eating it too. By coming out against the war that he started he will capture support of both pro and anti-war constituencies. This move will freeze out the anti-war Democrats and allow the President to enact his policies with little opposition. Once again the President has shown the nay sayers that he has great political savvy.”