George W. Bush : Katrina Aid "Wasteful Democratic Pork"

(Crawford Texas : Ucs News) President took time off from his vacation to blast the Democratic congress for stuffing the Iraq Spending bill with Katrina reconstruction “Pork”. The President has stated the Iraq war supplemental spending bill is a national Priority and that he considers the money to rebuild New Orleans to be “Pork”.

Democrats fired back, Senate majority leader Harry Reid commented, “The Pentagon has built 150 schools and more than 50 hospitals in Iraq, while not a single New Orleans neighborhood has been restored to pre-Katrina condition.” Maybe if New Oleans was oil rich, white or Republican leaning the city would be getting more support from the federal government.

Critics of the Bush Administration blame Karl Rove for blocking the New Orleans reconstruction efforts. Rove’s master plan to build a durable Republician majorty involve trashing Lousiansa’s Democratic Govener and New Orleans Black Democratic Mayor. The best way to achive this goal was through inaction and the hireing of Republician cronies to botch reconstruction projects and squander the relief funds.

Administration officials deny there is a plot to slow down the Katrina reconstruction for partisan benefit. To put fears to rest , a study was commissioned by the Govenrment accounting office to find out why reconstruction efforts were lagging. To the sunrise of many the study found the lack of progress in New Orleans was not due to political corruption but caused by “the incompetence of the Bush Administration.”