George W. Bush Mistake: President Releases Terror Alert Schedule for 2006 Election Cycle

(UCS NEWS, Washington D.C.) Opps! another leak reported from inside the Bush White House. This time a memo dated May 15th was mistakenly passed to the Withe House press core for distribution. The memo details the Presidents schedule for terror alerts in the run up to the 2006 congressional elections.

The policy of setting off false terror alerts worked so well for the Bush administration during the 2004 election, the president decided it was time to update the procedure. Karl Rove the President chief political adviser authored the original terror alert strategy. Rove with the help of then Attorney General John Ashcroft and Tom Ridge the Secretary of Home Land security selected the ideal times to increase the terror alert status.

Karl Rove spoke of the policy in and interview the UCS new last winter. “Fear works like a charm, at every key moment for the Democrats we trumped the terror alert to divert attention away from Senator John Keary’s campaign.” The results were predictable and the American public fell for the same terror gag three times in the 4 months leading up to the election.

Rove was indeed a master at creating fear, uncertainty and doubt. With this in mind George W. Bush assigned Karl Rove to develop a new terror alert time table for the midterm election. The current Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has agreed to manipulate old terror information and issue false alerts following the same instructions as Former Secretary Tom Ridge.

The President will need all the help he can get this year. With his domestic agenda crushed by huge spending deficits George W. Bush has little pork to offer his Republican backers. Add to that the Presidents approval ratings tortured in Iraq and Republicans mired the growing Jack Abramoff corruption scandal a little boast from the Terror alert status couldn’t hurt.

The leaked memo and the current terror alert status can be found at the conveniently named