George W. Bush Names Karl Rove V-VP

George W. Bush speaking before a group of White House reporters and staff today made it clear the Karl Rove is still his man by announcing Rove will be named Vice Vice President of the United States. The V-VP is a position in the US Government that hasn’t been used for some years, but with VP Dick Cheney in his final throws it has become apparent that something had to be done. The V-VP slot puts Rove third in line to be the President and gives him even more access to Mr. Bush.

“This move proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Rove is still the Presidents top man, even though he has been under fire recently.” says Harold Meyerson, the political editor of the L.A. Weekly. “Bush, with is approval ratings sliding towards impeachment levels, needs Rove even closer to the reigns of power. Rove is the kind of ethically unconstrained guy Bush needs around when the going gets tough – when the case Bush is making is unconvincing on its own merits, when he needs to divert attention from himself with a stunning attack on somebody else, Rove is the guy.”

Even critics of the administration are calling the appointment of Rove to the V-VP slot a good move for Bush and the Country. “Sure, Rove has the ethics of a mad rattle snake, but in these times of uncertainty, unity at the top of the government is a comfort to all loyal Americans.” admitted Senator Harry Reid. “I’m glad the President has someone that he can depend on to do the dirty work that being an unpopular President requires.”

The president has been under fire to discipline Rove for leaking the name of Valerie Plame in the attempt to smear her husband Joe Wilson. Joe Wilson who was critical of the administration’s rational for war is upset that Rove has been named the V-VP. “This is all we f@#king need.” said Wilson.

The President is unapologetic in his support for Rove. “Karl is my right hand man. If he goes down I’m a going with him. I’m proud of Karl and everything he has done for me and the country. If you aren’t with Karl and I, you better look out.”