George W. Bush : New Iraq Policy Announced

In a series e of speeches George W. Bush is again trying to build support of his unpopular war. With polls showing his approval rating at a record low 36% The Presidents desperately needs to show people he has a firm hand on Iraq policy. The President has been blasting Democrats for their “Cut and Run” policy but has failed to clarify his administrations exact policy. The recent presidential pamphlet “National Policy for Victory in Iraq” did not capture the Imagination of the American people so it was distilled into a fresh new sound bite. Much more to the point. “Stay and Bleed”

Speaking to a carefully screened, preening and patriotic supporters the President outlined the reason we need to “Stay and Bleed” in Iraq. “Firstly, We need to keep looking for the WMD and they may now be in Iran. Secondly our democratically elected pick for the presidency of Iraq is not what we want so we need to effect regime change Again. “You know what I say about democracy, if at first you can’t steal it, try to buy again”

Juan Cole, of, a long time supporter of the Presidents Policy in Iraq agrees The administration needed a new sound bite. “Was was getting sick of Stay the course. Just exactly what course was he referring to?” professor Cole has found “Stay and Bleed” much more compelling and descriptive of the situation on the ground.

The President was on a roll with the new “Stay and Bleed” campaign and he seemed to have his rhetorical rhythm back in step. That was until he was broadsided by an unsympathetic questioner in his latest town hall meeting. The Subversive Harry Taylor asked the President how long we could be expected to “Stay and Bleed” in Iraq?

The president considered the answer carefully for several seconds then punted “Thank you, but I think a future President will have to answer that question.” The audience of carefully screened, preening and patriotic supporters then dragged Harry Taylor outside and lynched him with a rope supplied buy the presidents Secret service detail.