George W. Bush Nominates Dr. James Dobson to Supreme Court

In a move guaranteed to please conservatives the President has nominated Dr. James Dobson, founder of the Christian Group Focus on the Family, to be the next justice on the Supreme Court. This nomination will be very controversial and Democrats have already vowed to fight Dobson ’till doomsday’. Christian groups, like the GOP, have endorsed Dobson’s nomination and have also indicated a willingness to fight hard for his confirmation.

Bush announced the nomination early this morning and called Dobson ‘my kind of guy’. He also stressed the value of having a non-lawyer evangelical Christian on the court to give the body a ‘fair balance’. He is proud of Dobson’s background and believes that Dobson will be unafraid to call on a high power to help him make difficult decisions.

“Bush is really playing to his base on this one.” Says Charles Krauthammer. “The Meirs nomination was such a fiasco Bush had to work hard to repair the damage and division he has caused in the GOP. Dobson is going to weld the party back together again and, if confirmed, be a major victory for the right wing evangelicals. He has got a rock solid conservative background that no one will be able to assail. I predicted a tough confirmation, with Dobson coming out on top.”

Dr. James Dobson is the founder and president of Focus on the Family, a non-profit organization that produces his nationally-syndicated radio program heard on more than 2,500 radio stations across North America and on an additional 3,000 stations in over 40 countries. Dr. Dobson holds a Ph.D. in Child Development from the University of Southern California.

Dr. Dobson’s books are international best-sellers and include such titles as Dare to Discipline with a Staff , What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew about Sex, and When God Doesn’t Make Sense Read the Newspaper. He has had a long history in politics and has had the ear of several Presidents.
“If Dobson is confirmed we might as well elect the Pope to be President.” Says one disheartened Democratic Senator. “I know Bush needs to play to his base, but this nomination isn’t playing to the base it is selling the store to the base. We are going to fight this