George W. Bush Now Considering Troop Withdraw

(Washington D.C. : Ucs News) Unconfirmed Sources inside White House and Pentagon are reporting a change in the Presidents policy. The Bush administration is quietly considering a phased troop withdraw. Since 2005 it has been clear the reconstruction effort has been a failure with violence surging and billions stolen or wasted. A memo leaked to UCS News calls for all troops to be out of New Orleans by the Fall of 2008.

Apparently Bush has decided the damage from Hurricane Katrina
can’t be repaired and the American people have lost the will to continue operations in Louisiana. This decision has caused President Bush to veto a bill containing additional funds for Katrina relief.

In a speech to the nation this week the President referred to Katrina reconstruction funds as “pork barrel spending by Democrats”.

This has to upset the people of New Orleans, Americans citizens are suffering while the war in Iraq is a “national priority” and Katrina reconstruction is now considered “Pork”. This has many in New Orleans wishing the city was an oil rich middle eastern state “Not that we want to be muslims, we just want the Presidents attention.”