George W. Bush Now Regrets past Gay Bashing

Unconfirmed Sources report The President of the United States George W. Bush now regrets the gay bashing required to win the 2004 election. Just 2 short years later, as the Mark Foley Republican gay sex scandal explodes, he considers there may be others ways to win elections…hmmm.

While the President criss-crosses the country in his efforts to boost his flagging fortunes, he’s got time to consider the consequences of battering his fellow human beings in the pursuit of power. At the time enraging the base with gay marriage amendments and defending decent lifestyles seemed like a great idea. According to Karl Rove it was the winning strategy and he was right. But how could he have known….

How could he have known his own party was harboring a gay sex Predator? While he was stoking the base with patriotic intolerance and hate the Republican congressional leadership was playing a dangerous game of hide the homosexual pedophile. Now the President must admit he used gay sexual deviant to support his political enterprise.

Now the President must confront his base of god fearing, pro-life, values voters and explain “It’s okay to be gaypedophile if you can get yourself elected as a Republican in Florida.” Today George W. Bush and Karl Rove can only stand back and witness the flames of hate they fueled consume their imperial aspirations.

The Republicans are forced to watch the false monument they created fall to ruin in the flames of hate. The Democrats warm themselves in the heat.