George W. Bush NRA recommend Glock 17 for School safety

Unconfirmed sources report the President will endorse the National Rife association recommendation that Glock 17 Semi automatic pistols be made available to all school age children. “I know this will help keep children safer, I just with we could supply kids with state of the art body armor, like our troops need in Iraq.” said the President.

Sandra S. Froman President of the NRA and mother 3 stated. “With gun safety baby blankets and fire arm squeeze toys we can have pre-schoolers packing heat with only a 87% chance of a fatal shooting per week.” Froman admitted all of her kids carry weapons daily.

The NRA committee on school massacres released a stament recommending the all plastic Glock 17 for most children as the weapon is light weight has a smooth, low force trigger pull. “Perfect” for kids 4 to 7 years old. The NRA also recommends the H&K fully automatic machine pistol for teachers aids and middle age students.

Speaking to a gathering of 26 parents, who n lost children to gun violence last week The President declared “with gun violence in schools on the rise we need to redouble our efforts to insure every sicko has free and easy access to guns.” To that end the Bush and Froman then solicited donations from th eparents to help fight the dangers of gun control.