George W. Bush Occupies Wisconsin After Iraq Pullout Referendum

April 5, 2006

United States President George W. Bush has ordered units from the Army’s 10th Mountain Division to occupy key towns and cities in the state of Wisconsin in the aftermath of that states non-binding referendum calling for an immediate withdrawal of all US forces from Iraq. The military occupation, the first in the nation since the Civil War, is an attempt to quell, and hopefully nip in the bud, rising feelings of discontent throughout the country as a whole.

Troops occupied key government buildings and Burger Kings in Shorewood, Madison, Whitefish Bay and western city of La Crosse. The main command center is located in the central city of Watertown, whose voters turned down the measure, approving continuing occupation. However, nearly 25% of that cities residents have been interned, due to their votes to pull out of Iraq.

10th Mountain Troops face a long and difficult task. Private Harold Elpme, sitting in his gun position behind Lu Lu’s Lox of Bagels in Whitefish Bay said, ” Man, Wisconsin is a scary place. You look around and all the people seem nice enough