George W. Bush Offers Compromise Deadline for Troop Withdraw

(Washington D.C.: Ucs new) To avoid a bruising constitutional battle with the Democratically controlled congress over the Iraq war supplemental funding bill the President has offered a compromise withdraw date. According to White House Press Secretary the administration would accept a deadline of March 1st 2015.

According to the President the date March 1st 2015, will give the current troop surge a fair chance to succeed. “The next 9 years will be critical to our success in Iraq. I feel by 2013 we will be turning the corner.” stated the president.

As part of the Presidents “fair offer” to the Democrats The President has requested an increase in funding in exchange for the compromise withdraw date. According to the Pentagon, Funding the war through 2015 will require about 986 Billion dollars.

Congressional leaders are said to be reviewing the Presidents offer and expect to have an answer in November of 2008.