George W. Bush Orders National Guard to join Delta Force, Navy Seals and NSA Agents in guarding M…

Unconfirmed sources report that the President has ordered National Guardsmen to join other American forces on the border. The Guardsmen will join an already crowed border as secret documents prove that the President has already deployed thousands of America’s elite military forces to the region. Our sources indicate that elements from nearly every service have already been deployed along the border.

In an address to the nation tonight the President renewed his vow to the American public that he would protect the country from thousands of poor Mexicans trying to cross the boarder in search of work American’s won’t do. “These crappy low wage jobs, our are jobs damn it, and I intend to make Americans do them!” said the President with obvious emotion.

While many die hard conservative voters welcomed the further militarization of the Mexican border some wonder if sending more troops to the borders is a good thing.

“The Mexican border is going to be a killing zone.” warns Sgt. Ben Blakely of the Army’s elite Delta Force. “The addition of National Guard trucks on the roads and troops in the bush are going to make things very dangerous. We have so many military personal and equipment here I fear the number of traffic fatalities is going to hit unsustainable levels. I gotta tell you I just don’t think sending the Guard here is a good idea. We have a big job to do down here and we don’t need any weekend warriors getting in our way.”

The Mexican borders is going to be a very busy place in the days ahead and there have been rumors that a drawn down of forces in Iraq might be required to fight the growing border troubles.