George W. Bush plans to Veto and Pray : Korea leads life saving stem cell research

Unconfirmedsources report the Bush administration will veto a House bill to fund stem cell research. The Presdient under preasure from his own Repulican party will take other actions to boost the development of life saving stem cell medical technologies. With the Koreans, Chinese and Europeans increasing their lead over the US in life saving stem cell research, the administration is concerned about the lack of results from American researchers. Sources close to the President have confirmed Mr. Bush will add a prayer for stem cell research to his daily prayer ritiul.

White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan explained The administrations new policy to advance scientific knowledge. “As you all know our President George W. Bush like to pray on things that are of great importance to the nation.” The official policy of the White House is that the USA is a faith based nation. The President holds the core belief that our salvation and advancement requires faith not the direct intervention of man. In short the administration believes “The correct application of faith and prayers will create the desired result.”

Government officials explain the failure of the US to lead this important scientific field. “In the field of stem cell research the Bush administration just has not yet brought the full impact of faith to bear. Now with the Presidents prayers we can expect results.”

Critics contend that simply funding scientific research and removing partisan politics would improve the results of the US scientific community. A leading research scientist speaking off the record complained. “Why should thousands of suffering Americans be deprived of live saving medical advancements? If some religious people think the science is immoral they can choose not to accept the treatment. ” White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan responded to administration critics. “Wow I find their lack of faith and patriotism just disturbing. Maybe the IRS should run an audit? ”

But the President is not the only one praying. Thousands of Americans suffering from terrible and debilitating diseases pray daily that someday someone will answer their pleas for help. “No parent should ever have to look at their child and say, ‘There are no more options,'” said Beth Westbrook, whose daughter Katie died four years ago at 15 of bone cancer.

With little faith in The Presidents ability to deliver results, these prayers will be for Korean NOT American scientists.