George W. Bush Points To London Bombings As Proof Of Success, God Comments on Hurricane Dennis an…

George W. Bush To America: As Long As The Terrorists Are Bombing London, They Aren’t Bombing Us Here:

President Bush expressed satisfaction at the G8 Summit in Scotland that the latest al Qaida attack has once again taken place on the soil of some dinky little foreign country and not the United States. As he has repeatedly stressed in the past, Mr. Bush told reporters once again that as long as the terrorists are bombing cities like London, Bali and Madrid and not New York or Washington DC, then the War on Terror is going well. Vice President Dick (Dick) Cheney pointed out that the multiple Underground and bus bombings prove that the Al Qaida Insurgency is in it’s last throes.

It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know:

New York Times reporter Judith Miller reported to jail this week; she was sentenced to an indeterminate stay for refusing to name her source who broke the law and potentially put a CIA operatives life in danger by revealing to her information regarding a story that she did not report, in order to get revenge on former Ambassador Joseph Wilson for refusing to go along with the treasonous lies that George W. Bush used in his State of the Union Address to take America into it’s first wildly successful Pre-Emptive War. On the other hand Conservative columnist Robert Novak, who did break the law by reporting Mr. Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame’s name had a lovely weekend, shopping, playing golf with fellow Republicans and going out to dinner, proving it pays to have a friend in the White House.

Another 5,000 Square Feet Towards Freedom:

Hurricane Dennis tore through Cuba and Haiti on it’s way up the Gulf Coast, killing at least ten in the former country and scores in the latter. Wealthy Americans along Florida’s and Alabama’s coasts vowed, with government support of course, to rebuild their mansions and luxury hotels, saying that if they didn’t have the right to stupidly continue to live in luxury on the beach with taxpayer funded reconstruction money, then the terrorists will have won. One Alabama woman refused to leave her home saying that God would protect her. God, speaking on the condition of anonymity said, “That whacko is the first on my list.”