George W. Bush Promises Veto : "The War in Iraq Must Continue"

(Washington D.C.: Ucs News) The US Senate on Tuesday signalled the will of the People by voting to end the Iraq war in March next year, setting Congress on a collision course with President George W. Bush. Despite failing support for the war, the President is sticking to his guns and has stated “To keep the Iraq war going strong I will veto this bill.”

The vote represented the strongest challenge to Mr Bush’s mishandling of the war since the Democrats were voted into control of the Congress last November. “This war is not worth the spilling of another drop of American blood,” said Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, during the debate prior to the vote.

The vote came four days after the House of Representatives passed its version of a bill that would end the war. Mr Bush has promised to veto any legislation that would end the war, raising the prospect of a tense showdown over funding for the Iraq war later this year.

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