George W. Bush Returns to Gulf, National Guard Mobilizes to Provide Good Pictures

Unconfirmed sources report that the National Guard has mobilized special units to provide busy backgrounds for the President as he tours the Hurricane ravaged region again on Monday. The special units will be positioned behind the President while he speaks with reporters to prove to the nation that relief efforts are actively on-going. The units include heavy lifting choppers, relief trucks, and even a mobile relief hospital that will be specially choreographed to provide the maximum ‘working hard’ scenery for the President’s press appearances.

“It takes a lot of work to make a setting for the President under these circumstances.” admitted White House advance man Bob Shady. “Normally all we have to do is round up some soldiers or some registered Republicans to make a nice friendly crowd, but here it’s a whole other story. We need careful planning and communication between FEMA, The National Guard, and the media to stage a good event. I mean what good does it do you to have a chopper lifting relief supplies or fixing a levy breach if the President can’t be in the frame in the foreground answering questions? America needs to see the President in this situation to give comfort and provide leadership.”

“The President has some lost ground to makeup on this Hurricane disaster if he is going to get a positive bounce out of it.” says Republican strategist Bob Lundquist. “Bush has come under fire for waiting until two days after Katrina hit– and a day after levee breaks to return to Washington from his vacation to oversee the federal response. Contrast that with how he woke up in the middle of the night and flew back to Washington to sign legislation to keep brain dead Terri Schavio alive, and you can see the kind of trouble he is in.”

Most political watchers agree that there is no way Bush will be able to harness this disaster and milk it for support in unrelated political fights. It looks to many like the Presidents willful neglect of FEMA and will come back to haunt him and his party in the coming mid-term elections.

“I disagree with most of my collogues on this one.” says Mort Kondracke. “I think the good news pictures and happy talk about our efforts in Iraq