George W. Bush Returns to New Orleans and Goes Fishing

Unconfirmed sources report that after a long morning of touring disaster areas the President took a little personal time and went fishing with his dad. The President has kept up a grueling schedule this week trying to appear like he is actually doing something about the hurricane disaster and he became over whelmed by the work load. The President called his dad and just the two of them and a photographer took a National Guard rescue boat and went fishing in down town New Orleans.

“The fishing is really great down here.” Said the President after his long afternoon angling in New Orleans. “The fish really seem to like this urban environment. I got a couple of real nice ones. I think that I’ll have the cook on Air Force One fry’em up for me tonight. Yeah, that will be real nice.”

The President spoke glowingly about the ‘Venice’ like quality that the city has taken on since the disaster, but he did comment on the smell.

“I think it was about a 13 inch trout.” Said the former President about his big catch of the day. “We caught him at the corner of 3rd and Filmore, across the street from city hall. I think he was hiding under a pile of debris and it took some doing to get him out of there. This is real good fishing, It’s a shame this is all going to be gone soon. Maybe we should designate some of this as a protected wildlife area.”

The Presidents lazy afternoon was briefly interrupted when news of the resignation of Michael Brown, Head of FEMA, was announced by a reporter. The President who had been busy fishing hadn’t heard the news and ‘was sure sad to see Browie quit. For he was going an excellent job.’

The President then returned to his fishing because in the Presidents own words ‘It’s important for the President to go on with his life, to keep a balanced life.’