George W. Bush speaks at Virginia Tech : Reassures NRA in Wake of Tragedy

(Blacksburg : Ncs News) President George W. Bush delivered a comforting message to the NRA today. In front of hundreds of mourners attending the somber convocation honoring the slain students, the President reaffirmed his commitment to maintaining 2nd amendment rights.

“The President believes that there is a right for people to bear arms, but that all laws must be followed,” spokeswoman Dana Perino said. Many believe the Presidents’ remarks were made in poor taste, coming so soon after the massacre.

University President Charles Steger stated, “I can’t believe The President would be pandering to the gun lobby while the victims families had not even been notified yet. It’s sick.”

Many others are asking why the Bush administration has done nothing to protect children in the wake of the Lancaster County, Amish school killings of 2006. Administration officials explained, that the Department of Justice has had other “priorities”. Like turning the DOJ into a partisan political machine?

In his closing remarks, the President offered aid and comfort to the NRA and it’s members. “In these times of pain and suffering let us not forget that universal access to lethal weapons is a God given right worth fighting for. Amen.”