George W. Bush Stands Behind Alberto Gonzales

President Bush has come to the defense of his embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales today. In an early morning press conference the President insisted that Gonzales has 100% support from the White House. “Alberto has done a heck of a job.” Said the President.

“It looks the President has drawn a line in the sand in his defense of Alberto Gonzales.” Says Washington watcher Bert Huntington, of the Huntington Group. “He is refusing to let Gonzales go down for carrying out his orders. Gonzales has been a loyal member of the Bush team and the President values that. He is going to protect Gonzales because he believes in the job he is doing.”

Not everyone believes Bush is keeping Gonzales out of loyalty.

“Come on! Everyone knows you never take the punching bag out of the gym!” says James Carvel. “Gonzales has been hit with everything the press can dish out, and he is hanging in there for the President. There is no way Bush is going to let him step down, not yet. Gonzales has got a few more punches to take for the Bush Cheney machine before he will be allowed to slide into a big corner office and a seven figure salary. Hell, I’m seeing a Presidential Medal of Freedom in the man’s future.”

Either way, the President has decided to stand by his man and weather the consequences.