George W. Bush State of the Union Speech: Osama Bin Laden responds

From The Desk of Osama: Hello Infidels! I’m pleased to announce that Unconfirmed sources has agreed to give me a chance to sound off. From time to time I will contribute, and as the US Government and George W. Bush have been inept in the war on terror, I expect to continue this column for some time.

George W. Bush gave us HIS state of the Union today, I’ll say it’s a farce. The United States is in a terrible position. Not only does the US face the treat of me, the economy is on the brink of collapse. The sky high home and energy prices combined with Tax cuts for the rich have put the middle class in great peril.

I saw just today the savings rate for US citizens has dropped below zero, this is the first time since 1932 this has happened. I think a terror attack on energy installations and population center like LA will drive the US economy to ruin. Well that is my plan for this year.

I do have a message for George W. Bush, I think it’s great that you have spent millions and billions defending Utah and Montana from terror attacks and that you blew that huge surplus giving your fat cat friends tax breaks. You just made my job of destabilizing the western world that much easier.

This brings a close to my thoughts for today but I do want to mention one more thing. Instead of going to war in Iraq George W, Bush could have spent the 400 billion dollars developing clean coal, solar, fuel cell and wind technology. With this war chest in hand America could have freed it’s self from the need of oil and it’s desire to meddle in the affairs of the middle east. George W. Bush could have made oil into useless black mud instead he made it into black gold for another generation of Republican robber barons.

While I’m at it, Juan Cole, you are dead wrong about the war in Iraq, Bill O’Reilly at Fox news had it right, just so you know.