George W. Bush Stung Again: Libby pardon memo leaked

WASHINGTON (Ucs News) The Bush Administration has been embarrassed by another leak. A memo from the Office of the White House Council has been passed to the New York Times. The memo, verified as authentic, details the Presidents legal options and a proposed time table for the pardon of Lewis Libby.

The memo written in the days before the guilty verdict also explores the likely political fallout from the inevitable pardon. Administration officials concerned about the Presidents sagging poll numbers are unsure if a Libby pardon before the 2008 election would permanently damage the Republican party.

Many Washington insiders expect the pardon sooner, with the hope that any controversy would not last through the sumer of 2007. History has shown that very few Washington scandals can survive the summers political doldrums as Americans turn off there televisions and take their vacations. However with the war in Iraq raging with no end in sight Bush and Cheney will not escape criticism.

According to staffers, Vice President Dick Cheney is disgusted with the verdict and angry that Libby faces lengthy prison terms while the Plame leak mastermind Karl Rove enjoys freedom and the President protection. Unconfirmed sources report Dick Cheney was heard condemning the President for not releasing Libby the day of the verdict.

The fall guy has fallen, only one man can rescue him now.