George W. Bush to Celebrate Iraq Wars 4th Year : 4000 more troops to attend Bagdad "Beach" party

(Ucs News International) The Bush administration released it’s plans for the Iraq wars four year anniversary. The plans include a massive Washington D.C. peace march, gift baskets for the families of the 3500 dead American soldiers and a huge kebab party in the Bagdad Green Zone. To help celebrate the President has ordered another 4000 combat troops to Iraq.

Celebrations are also being planned in many other cities in the US and abroad. Due to the word wide support for George W. Bush Iraq war, Paris, London and Beirut are among the cities planning celebrations. According to her press agent celebrity war mom Cindy Sheehan will be celebrating in Crawford Texas or outside Camp David, depending on the Presidents location.

While The President himself will be having a low key celebration with the authors of this fine mess, the troops will be enjoying a, sure to be raucous “beach” theme party in the Green Zone. The Air force has planned to fly in Beer and steaks while al-qaeda in Iraq will be providing an after dinner car bomb extravaganza and fireworks via heavy mortal attacks.

According to the President “The solemn 4 year anniversary of war is a good time to reflect on the lessons learned, lives lost and the soon to be had victory in Iraq.” The President also took the time to warn the 78% of Americans that want to see US troops coming home. “Public displays of your first amendment right to protest will only seen as a sign of your weakness.”