George W. Bush to spread Freedom : Iran prepares for WAR!

Unconfirmedsources report Iran to defend against the joys of freedom. In response to President Bush’s unveiled threats of military action, Iranian Defense Minister Ali Shamkhani said the Islamic Republic, which has seen U.S. forces blundering in Afghanistan and Iraq, does not fear attack. “The Iranian Defense forces are vigorously preparing to repel any advances freedom may make toward the boarders of Iran.”

Iranian troops stationed on the border of Iraq have seen first hand how the American military has delivered laser-guided freedom to their neighbors in Iraq. Speaking through an interpreter, a young solider fears the joys of freedom will be very painful. “I expect freedom to rain down from 52’s and destroy us along with our suffering. I know many Iraqi people have been liberated from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein and the tedium of their corporal existence. Personally, I would rather take my chances with a generally peaceful and repressive government.”

Shaking his head the solider wonders aloud if he has been watching too much Fox News. “The joys of American freedom looks too much like chaos, death and torture. I ‘m not sure Fox News is showing a balanced account of how nice American Freedom can be?”

The semi-official Mehr news agency quoted Shamkhani as saying. “Mr. Bush says we will bury you. I (Shamkhani) don’t subscribe to this point of view. It would be such an ignorant thing to do if the Americans love their children too.” When asked about his families’ safety in Iran the Minster replied. “How can I save my little boy from Donald Rumfelds Evil ploys?”

Shamkhani also stated, The Iran defense force has much expertise fighting off any attempts to liberate its homeland. Saddam Hussein tried to free the people of Iran for ten years, but he failed. “I don’t expect an idiot like George W. Bush could succeed.”

“I don’t know why President Bush has such aggression towards the people of Iran? We share the same biology regardless of our ideology. What might save us, me, and you, Is that the Americans love their children too.”