George W. Bush Vetoes Children's Heath Insurance and strangles puppy

(Washington DC) US President George W. Bush took time out from his busy schedule to deny low income children heath benefits for the second time this session. To celebrate the veto the President then strangled a 3 week old Golden Labrador puppy.

According to white house staffers, the President feels good to is back on the offensive, blocking the majority Democrats in Congress and killing puppies “Gets is blood up for another fight”.

Democratic leaders acknowledge that they lack the votes to override him, so Bush will again prevail, as he did the first time, on any override vote. Yet Democratic strategists argue that while Bush may be winning some legislative battles, the killing of puppies is a public relations nightmare.

Of course, White House insiders argue it is the Democrats who are on the wrong side of the issues, and the voters will move back toward the Republican ideals of hurting kids and killing puppies.