Georgia really is part of the Union? : Nation Still Embarrassed

(Washington Ucs News) Despite Georgia being the 4th state admitted into the Union on Wednesday, January 2, 1788 many Americans are still really embarrassed to be associated with the “Peach State”. According to residents of the other 49 states “Georgia is loser that just never really fit in”

While Georgia holds the distinction of being the 4th state admitted into the Union, it never really lived up to expectations of the founding fathers. While the Northern States modernized and industrialized, dam fool Georgia ran off with Jefferson Davis and got mixed up with the Confederacy.

Even after Georgia was readmitted back into the Union in 1870, it’s behavior as a state has never been “exemplary”. Does Georgia deserve to be singled out for ridicule? Many Say Yes.

In the year 2007 just 150 years after the Freeing of the slaves and the end of the civil war rural Ashburn, Georgia, celebrated by allowing high school students to have in integrated prom. What an achievement, Georgia must be so proud to be just 100 years behind the nation. Now maybe the town elders will consider electric lights and horse-less carriages.

While CNN runs the Ashburn Prom story, I’m embarrassed for Ashburn, but good for them today they are slightly less Pathetic than yesterday.

And let’s not forget some of Georgia’s other embarrassments. The inane turn-coat Zell “the Mad hatter” Miller, and Newt “the adulterous, hypocrite scum bag” Gingrich. Each elected by the high minded citizens of Georgia.

Georgia may be proud, but the rest of the Union….is just plain embarrassed.