Get Rich Quick With Government Contracts!

Many of you readers have entertained notions of hitting the lottery or striking it rich by doing little or nothing? I know I have! Perhaps the most sure-fired way of getting a whole helluva lot without doing very much it to win a government contract! I’ve been doing a little digging into some of these contracts and I have come up with enough shit to fertilize Kentucky for decades!

Broadway Consolidated Companie (yes, it is misspelled in the government contracts also) is a two man operation which has won over $14 million in contracts from the government since 2000. They are Black American heating and air conditioning contractors. I can only imagine these two guys must be VERY cool!

Apparel maker Brookline Inc. has no ads on Google and they don’t need them as the government has awarded them over $15 million in contracts. It would appear they manufacture some sort of magic t-shirts that are water resistant. Their prices to consumers range from $5 (for a cheap old run-of-the-mill t-shirt) to $15 (for the really fancy golf shirts). Fifteen million bucks could buy a helluva lot of t-shirts! Maybe they are secretly making water resistant underwear exclusively for government use?

I’m also having trouble with BEAVER AEROSPACE AND DEFENSE INCORPORATED. I must assume this is one of them woman owned businesses. The listing states it is simply a “small business” but I assume it has grown larger with over $58 million awarded so far! It is listed as “Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences (except Biotechnology). It has no web site as far as I can see.

Outdoor Venture is a tent maker. I called the guy up and asked him about buying a tent. He said, “We do only government work. Our tents are kind of like the $10,000 hammer. Our smallest and cheapest tent sells for $11,000 (!). They have won contracts of over $200 million!!! Check them out online at

Northern Lights Dairy is a tiny dairy farm somewhere in Bumfuck, Alaska. It’s a mom and pop operation. I spoke briefly with mom but she didn’t want to give out any information. Granted, their contract is only $2.2 million but where does a little Alaska dairy farm get $2.2 million worth of milk?

Keep in mind, I’m just starting. I’m not saying these guys are DEFINITLEY ripping off the government or the American taxpayer but it sure looks that way to me!

Stay tuned! I have many more listings to go through. This was just a smattering of the B’s and a couple of others. Hang onto your hats! Homeland Security is coming for me for sure!