Ghana Beats USA : Marines storm their capital

(UCS News International) Ghana has defeated the U.S. soccer team, 2-1, to advance to the second round of the World Cup in Germany. UCS Sports Editor Parke Brewer reports, the game in Nuremberg was not without controversy. With Ghana up one goal after 21 minutes an outraged President George W. Bush demanded a tough U.N. Security Council resolution. When Ghana refused to submit, The President ordered the Marine 3rd armored division to “Deliver freedom to the suffering people of Ghana”.

The U.S. team tied the score at one-all in the 43rd minute, and seemingly was headed into halftime on a high note. But two minutes into injury, or stoppage – time -the American defender Oguchi Onyewu was whistled for a questionable foul. Ghana’s Stephen Appiah converted the penalty kick, making the score 2-1.

U.S. coach Bruce Arena felt the call was unfair and said it changed the momentum of the match. It was this change in momentum that convinced the President of the United States that Ghana would not respond to diplomatic pressure. “With Ghana’s refusal to allow the US national team a World Cup victory I was forced to take action. The Freedom and Safety of all Americans was at stake.” Stated the President during an address on the subject of world wide terror.

Many in Washington were suprised that The president would include Ghana in the global war on terror, but Having been caught off guard by the US loss to the Czech Republic the Pentagon had pre positioned troops for a quick strike in to the Capital of Ghana. While the fans were cheering in Nuremberg Marines tanks blasted into Accra and seized control of the government. Once the fighting stopped the Marines stood in the smoking ruins of Accra and asked themselves “Why are we here? and when can we go home?”