OCALA FL — ” It looked like one of those science fiction horror movies!” So said George Heller, a resident of Shady Oaks, a senior retirement community near this north-central Florida city yesterday.

Heller said he was awakened by an intense buzzing sound, and went outside to see what was causing it. ” Before my unbelieving eyes,there was a giant mosquito tearing my neighbor, the Sawyer’s, house out by its roots and flying off with it. I think the Sawyers were inside!”

Other residents confirmed Heller’s story, and said they witnessed the same thing. “A nightmare!”exclaimed Bessie Jacobs as she sat trembling in front of her nearby home.

Scores of calls overloaded the 911 emergency exchange, and shortly thereafter police, emergency vehicles and the media converged on the scene to gaze at the Sawyer foundation, all that was left of the home.

Deep in the Ocala National Forest, there was much activity at a highly secret area surrounded by an opaque, electrified fence. Helicopters took to the air from within the facility to join radar equipped planes circling overhead. While nearby residents were aware of the place, it had no name and only rumors emerged as to its purpose.

NBC News contacted Major General Hiram Fiske, head of the Defense Dept. New Weapons Development Branch (NWDB) in Washington. Fiske refused comment, as he rushed to board a jet to take him to Florida.

Dr. kenneth Langeman, a biologist at the University of Florida, said that rumors of the genetic cloning of giant insects by the Department of Defense, taking place somewhere in Florida, were common, but he had no particulars.

As the news reached the Kremlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his jet fighters to be on high alert. ” Look for a giant mosquito carrying a house!” he ordered

Russian pilots joked as they suited up. “The boss must be putting away a lot of Vodka.” said one. “Next thing you know, he’ll push the red button, and a nuke will head for ‘you know where!’ “

Lars Gundersson, captain of the Icelandic fishing trawler
SAGURRE in the North Atlantic, thought twice about radioing that he saw a house drop into the sea from nowhere with a mighty splash, and decided he better not.