Gingrich Campaign Fires Newt Gingrich in Staff Shake Up

(Washington) Unconfirmed sources report that The Newt Gingrich for President Campaign has fired Newt Gingrich in a bid to invigorate Gingrich’s presidential ambitions. The shake up was announced late last night after the campaign’s senior staff suddenly departed. Gingrich has vowed to continue his campaign despite the twin set backs.

“We had to make serious personnel changes if the Winning the Future Together Campaign is going to succeed,” says campaign intern Delia Luded. “Mr Gingrich has worked hard on the campaign for many months, but he just wasn’t meshing with the rest of the team. As the most senior member of the campaign I decided that we had to make changes at the top of the ticket. I had a long talk with Newt and he agreed.”

The Newt 2012, Winning the Future Together Campaign will be resuming Sunday with an event in Los Angeles with Gingrich remaining on vacation in Virginia.

“We had to make changes,” agreed Gingrich in an interview outside his Virginia home. “I agree with my staff we had to make changes and my departure from my campaign is the best move for me at this time. My departure will make my campaign stronger and allow my staff to do what it takes to get me to the White House. It will also allow me to spend more time with my family.”