Giuliani Stands by Southern Strategist David Vitter after Confession in DC Madam Opening Salvo

Washington, DC (Rotters) – After a heartfelt public apology to God and his family by Republican Senator David Vitter over past transgressions in regards to the unfolding DC Madam scandal, Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani stepped forward to defend the man in charge of his southern strategy. Giuliani cautioned the public against reading too much into phone records, and admitted that many of Vitter’s calls may have been strictly business and conducted in his capacity for the “Rudy ’08” campaign.

“Prostitution is just such a volatile and inflammatory term to be tossed about so recklessly in conjunction with politics, and they make for strange bedfellows, indeed.” stated a Giuliani campaign spokesperson. “We all have behaviors that we both indulge and regret and the former mayor is no exception. Senator Vitter has been a loyal friend, companion and business partner to Mr. Giuliani, and we appreciate the way he has “pimped” the campaign in every way possible, and been such a stalwart example of true Republican Family Values.”

Vitter becomes the first possible political victim from the public exposure of the phone records of DC Madam Deborah Palfrey, in an effort to defend her reputation and escort service business.

For the record, the Giuliani campaign denied any association with Palfrey or her services, stating that it was strictly represented by Vitter alone in such matters. The Campaign further insisted that all associated fundraising had been fully disclosed in previous releases.

“We don’t anticipate any compromising positions whatsoever from this,” concluded the Giuliani spokesperson. “The campaign will continue to walk the streets and press the flesh of every willing John… and Jane Doe. We feel that we still have quite a few tricks left.”