Giuliani's wife reveals a third marriage : Rudy admits, "Special Feelings" for doorman

WASHINGTON (Ucs News) — It turns out that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his wife, Judith, have a couple of things in common. Both have been married three times and divorced twice. But Rudy went one step beyond today. While deflecting questions about his wife’s martial misadventures, Giullani admitted he had, in his words, “Special Feelings” for his apartments doorman.

While Rudy Giuliani’s stormy marital history with women is already well know, Giuliani’s “Special Feelings” were never perviously disclosed. While the “Special Feelings” never grew into an affair or even a relationship, there is a strange tension when the men share buildings elevator. Then again once a year when the mayor distributes the holiday bonus. The men share a firm hand shake and a tender glance that says “what could have been?”

Other employees of the building would not comment on the record for this report, but after a long night of beers and back slapping male hi-jinx, a fellow doorman did admit the situation was “kinda creepy”. Giuliani campaign aides say the mayors staff, close friends and family had long been aware of the “Special Feelings” but it never effected his abilities as mayor. Giuliani’s marital past has long over shadowed any reports of “Special Feelings”.

Giuliani has addressed his marital past before, saying, “I’m a human being. I make mistakes. I’m not perfect.” But Rudy Giuliani isn’t the only Republican presidential contender with marital baggage. Newt Gingrich was recently admitted to Dr. James Dobson, that he had an affair with a 15 pound honey baked ham.