Glenn Beck Injured During Penguin Hunt

Unconfirmed sources report that right wing personality Glenn Beck has been rushed to the hospital after being injured during his yearly penguin hunting trip. Beck, who is an avid penguin hunter, was with a group hunting penguins in Antarctica when he was apparently shot by a member of his party. While it is unclear as to the exact circumstances of the accident Beck is said to be resting comfortably having had much buck shot removed from his back side.

Fellow penguin hunting enthusiast Mike Savage was on the trip and spoke to Unconfirmed Sources about the accident over satellite phone.

“We were casing after a small family group, the little ones don’t have much meat, but they sure are tender, when the accident happened.” Says Savage. “We were in two groups, Glenn was up ahead with me a few others where behind us, some how the penguins got behind us and the other guys started shooting. Glenn went down and we started yelling as the guys just kept blasting away. It was miracle I wasn’t shot myself.”

Beck was carried by snow mobile back to the lodge booked for the trip where a helicopter picked him up a few hours later. He was then air lifted to a research station and them back to the states.

Beck says he was having a great trip and had bagged several dozen birds before the accident. He also said that he wouldn’t let the unfortunate incident keep him from hunting more penguin in the future.