Scientists from 113 countries issued a landmark report Friday saying they have little doubt global warming is caused by man, and are predicting hotter temperatures and rises in sea level.

Let’s take a trip in time to the year 2016……

President George Z. Bush IV is basking poolside at the new Bush tropical home in Kitilkoot, Greenland.

Unfortunately the Crawford Ranch in Texas became uninhabitable after the rising sea level prevented access.
The President is replying to a question by Jason Blum of Fox News:
“In answer to your question, Jay, The REAL scientists, the ones I rely on; those of Exxon, BP, Shell and Texaco, totally debunk this global warming myth”
The President shifted under his beach umbrella to get out of the hot sun.
“They tell me that it’s a natural phenomena, each ten thousand years,so I’m not about to cave into those ‘enviro-nuts’ and their hysteria about greenhouse gases and auto emissions. My scientists tell me that the Hawaiian Islands disappeared because they were sinking, not because of that nonsense about a rising sea. I think it’s great for tourism that Tucson, Arizona now has a nice beachfront and has become a surfers’ paradise.”
A Secret Service agent quietly removed a coconut that fell from a palm tree nearby, as the president continued,
“Sorry, Jay, but I have to cut our interview a bit short, as I just was told that our Supreme Commander of the Middle East, General Betty Clarke, is requesting several hundred thousand more troops to quell the violence in Iraq.”.