Globe Award Winner Ang Lee Announces Next Film Project


Taipei, Taiwan (O! Online) -Taiwanese film director Ang Lee, with his new Golden Globe award in hand, announced plans for his next movie to a receptive audience in his home country. The film which will be entitled “Kickback Hill” will attempt to build on the successful cowboy themes established in his recent Oscar hopeful and critically acclaimed “Broke Back Mountain”.

In addition, Lee hopes to break new ground with the film in exploring the Republican “Culture of Corruption” prevalent in American government on Capitol Hill.

The story will explore the 10-year relationship between two politicians, both posing as cowboys for political gains, and the intrigue that is generated as one attempts to distance himself and avoided being outed by the other over a bribery scandal.

Lee stated that he enjoys a challenge and is readying himself for the anticipated stonewalling and resistance as he begins filming in Washington, DC. “My other film proved that you can never categorize a region or place or stereotype them,” Lee said, “and with this new film I shall seek to disapprove this.”