GM Dealer Looks Forward to Selling High quality Used Imports

(Chillicothe,Ohio) Ucs Business News: For the past 65 years the dealership of Red Jenson has been selling General Motors cars. Until Today Red Jensen, like many of Ohio’s GM dealers, received notice he was being cut off. Unlike many of his peers Red is looking forward to clearing his lot of slow selling GM gas guzzlers and launching a new business selling used Hondas.

Jenson has been planning for months to reopen his new dealership. Red has been quietly collecting 3 year old Hondas, his secret cache of shinny Accords and Civics being prepped for sale in a warehouse behind his dealership.

According to the Red Jenson service manager Davis Blane, the new used Honda dealership will be the first of it’s kind in Ohio. “We think the people of Ohio are ready for a change and frankly so are we.” Blane went on to explain how his service crew has grown tired of “patching together” GM’s line of, in his words, “Indifferent quality and poorly designed” cars.

“I’m most excited to finally see the end of Pontiac and those shody plastic body panels” said Blane.