GM Delays Chevy Volt Hybrid Production …….Again

(Detroit Mi) Ucs Automotive News – General Motors Chairman Bob Lutz announced more delays for the already long awaited Chevrolet Volt. According to Lutz, GM has taken delivery of the Volt’s batteries and has been testing battery packs for weeks. When asked specifically about the cause of the delays Lutz surprised the automotive press by stating “We have decided to pull some engineering staff members off the Volt Hybrid project to focus on the preproduction of the 2010 Flying Escalade.”

While GM shares have suffered from the delay of the Volt, Lutz defended the decision to focus on the Flying Escalade. “The Volt faces many software and battery challenges, so we think the Flying Escalade can be brought to market sooner.”

Automotive Writer Sam Abuelsamid stated, “The industry has been watching GM very closely, We know the deliverables required for the Volt would be tough.” According to Abuelsamid, The shifted emphasis on the Flying Cadillac Escalade should help the bottom line sooner.” Sources inside the Cadillac division suggest the Flying Cadillac Escalade has already undergone extensive Vertical take off and landing tests, while the FAA certification is “Well ahead of schedule”

While many await the first American made plug-in hybrid, the long time dream of the flying car seams closer. Lutz would not comment on the expected gas milage of the Flying Cadillac Escalade, but insiders believe the high cost of gas may blunt the projects bottom line benefit to the struggling auto maker.