God Apologizes To Herman Cain

God, the Lord of the Universe, apologized to Herman Cain today for asking him to run for President.

Last year Herman Cain said that God asked him to run for president and. Being a good Christian, Cain complied.

“I don’t know what I was thinking!” God stated. “I knew the guy was a sexual harasser and an overall nut case but I thought the media wouldn’t notice it. I guess I just screwed up!”

Cain said he bears no grudges against God. “I’m hoping this will guarantee me entrance to heaven”, Cain stated.

God said he doubted Cain would be allowed immediate entrance to the eternal paradise. “I’ll probably let him smolder in hell for a few thousand eons then I will make my final decision”.

God stated that very few, if any, presidential candidates or even politicians are allowed entrance beyond the Pearly Gates.