Goldman Sachs Memo Leaked: Hit List of US Senators Made Public

(Washington D.C.) Ucs News: Just days after the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission removed limits on corporate campaign spending, an internal memo containing a list of US Senators has been leaked to Unconfirmed Sources. The Goldman memo entitled “US Senators targeted for removal” details the Senators to be replaced, the legislation to be promoted, the Goldman Sachs customer to be served and proposed budget for the “removable process”.

The 28 page memo lists 6 Republicans and 14 Democrats with proposed “removal budgets” of between 6 and 35 million dollars.

Lucas Van Praag, the global head of corporate communication for the investment firm, confirmed the bank was in negotiations with “many interested parties” but would not confirm the authenticity of the leaked memo.

“Goldman Sachs provides many special services on behalf of our customers. The strategic removal of troublesome Senators, such as John McCain and Barbara Boxer would make some of client corporations very happy.” said Van Praag.

The leaked Goldman memo also describes the overall strategy to reduce or eliminate the Democratic majority in the US Senate as a way to derail President Barack Obama’s plans for financial regulation. The goal is also to stop the tax plan aimed at recovering the tax payer losses from the bank bail out.

According to Van Praag, “The President acting on behalf of the US tax payers is a formable foe that must be stopped at all costs. In the case of Obama plan, the firm will likely spend less than 100 Million dollars to avoid paying back the billions it recovered during the finical crisis.”