Gonzales Appoints Newly Available Nifong as US Attorney

Durham, NC (APE) – In a surprise move today, US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales announced that he would be making a special appointment of former District Attorney Mike Nifong to serve as a US Attorney. Gonzales had flown to Durham from the nation’s capitol to make the announcement outside the Durham Federal Courthouse. A tearful Nifong had earlier resigned his position as District Attorney during a special hearing into his conduct over the mishandling of the alleged Duke Lacrosse Team rape of an exotic dancer .

Nifong admitted to former suspects and their families that at one point, “it got out of hand.”

Gonzales praised Nifong for his zeal and abilities in attempting to bring forward a difficult case. “Mike is an example of just the kind of US Attorney we’re looking for… one who won’t be afraid to go after the tough new issues of illegal immigration and voter fraud… in a creative manner if need be.”

Nifong was appointed by Gonzales just before president Bush signed S.214, a law passed overwhelmingly by both the House and Senate which overturned provisions in the Patriot Act that allowed Gonzales the ability to appoint US attorneys without congressional oversight.

“Mike, who is a Democrat, should go a long way towards restoring bi-partisan confidence in the Department of Justice,” stated Gonzales. “The President takes great pleasure in his(Nifong’s) future service.”