Gonzales to Intervene in Kenneth Foster Execution

Houston, TX (UPSI) – Attorney General Alberto Gonzales today weighed in on the impending controversial execution in Texas of Kenneth Foster. Gonzalez, citing powers under the newly revised patriot act has suspended all further debate and possibilities for last-minute stays from Texas governor Rick Perry so that the execution will proceed as scheduled late tonight. The execution will be the third for Texas in the last three days.

Foster has been on death row for over 10 years, and was sentenced to death for his role in a murder in which he was essentially convicted for doing nothing to stop a shooting that he did not know was going to occur.

“This is precisely the case for which these new powers should apply,” stated Gonzalez. “What this young man did was very wrong and he was convicted. What if, say, the president had knowledge that thousands of people would die if he did not intervene, and he chose to let things run their course… sorry… bad example… well, he just has to face his punishment.”

Gonzalez, in speaking to the parole board, vowed that the execution would proceed as scheduled tonight, even if he had to administer the lethal injection himself.