Gonzales Tortilla Painting Sells for over $50,000

Los Angeles, CA (APE) – Los Angeles artist Joe Bravo was pleasantly shocked by the sale of his tortilla portrait of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales yesterday for over $50,000. Bravo’s current exhibit of tortilla paintings at the Mexican Cultural Center in Los Angeles has broken all attendance records, and the sale of the Gonzales painting to the trust responsible for the future George W. Bush Library came as welcome recognition.

Bravo is renowned for his acrylic paintings of Mexican and Hispanic portraits and scenes on flour tortillas. Bravo began his exploration of the medium as an art student in college when he was unable to afford canvases.

“I was astounded at the generosity of the offer,” stated Bravo. “I’ll have to admit that given the subject matter, I was a little uneasy about accepting the money.”

Bravo went on to explain that the portrait of Gonzales was a last-minute addition to the showing, and was meant as an effort to show balance with the bulk of the pieces dedicated to more positive aspects of Hispanic culture and history.

“I think it makes for great contrast to display a portrait of the brilliant revolutionary Che Guevara alongside one of Alberto Gonzales… sort of the best and the worst of Hispanic culture,” stated Bravo.

A spokesperson contacted for the White House stated that the tortilla would be kept in a place of honor in the Oval Office for the remainder of the president’s term, and then moved to the as yet established Bush Library, if a willing academics host is ever found.