Google News Servers Goes Down as Traffic Flows to Fake News Site

Unconfirmed sources report that ultra popular news site Google News suffered server problems today as a traffic spike overloaded the sites capacity. The spike was caused by millions of people logging in to find a news story that was posted by a fake news site that is listed on Google News as a news satire site. Google officials could not be reached to comment on the outage, but our sources indicated that they are well on there way to solving the problem.

“This is a first for Google News.” Says media watcher Kevin Phelps. “Google has a rock solid service and it’s servers are designed to handle a massive amount of traffic. This circumstance of people flooding the site looking for a particular news story is highly unusual.”

The news story that is generating the flood of traffic was posted on the Fake News Site Unconfirmed Sources and is headlined ‘Harry Potter Stars Pose Nude’. The story also features a photoshoped picture of Harry potter stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson who play Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.