GOP: It's Ok To Raise Taxes, But Only On the Poor

Unconfirmed sources are reporting a dramatic shift in Republican tax policies. Citing the need to raise funds in a down economy the Republican Party is pushing to raise taxes, but only low income people who don’t vote much.

The plan to eliminate the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), a tax credit given to people just over the poverty level to encourage people to get off welfare, has been floated by GOP lawmakers in Michigan. The plan would use the tax increase to help plug a projected 1.8 billion dollar short fall in the state’s coming budget.

“This is the right thing to do,” says Michigan House Speaker James ‘Jase’ Bolger, who proposed the tax increase. “We need to raise a lot of money and if we raise taxes on the wealthy or business they won’t give us money for our re-election campaigns. Poor people don’t vote much and are not organized very well politically. We just think this is an easy group to increases taxes on and not get in trouble for it.”
Observers believe that is might be a trial balloon devised by the National GOP to see how much push back they will get if they try to raises taxes on the poor on a national level.