GOP Occupy Wall Street Talking Points Leaked

Unconfirmed sources are reporting that the official GOP talking points to be used when discussing the Occupy Wall Street Movement have been accidentally leaked to the public. The talking points include specific phrases that should be used to cast dispersions the group in a systematic attempt to discredit the issues the group is raising.

selected excerpts:

“….be sure to use words such as mob, rabble, radical, dangerous, fringe…. when describing the protesters.”

“Insinuate that the protesters are threatening violence against the government. Not be confused with some of our own party members support for ’14th amendment’ solutions.(Which is a legal use of force against the government).”

“Be sure to use the words or variations on the theme of ‘class warfare’ to describe the want to fix the economic injustice of the current system that we benefit from.”

“….use the term ‘labor boss’ when describing any worker who participates in the protest.”

“…..insinuate that these people have nothing better to do than cause trouble and should get jobs.”

When asked about the talking points House Majority Leader Eric Cantor replied that “….it is important that people understand the dangers this mob represents to the country. People expressing rage and anger over economic injustice in this country threatens our entire way of life. I’m strongly recommending the President send in the National Guard before anybody takes these people seriously.”